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“The level of knowledge and experience Tory provides in the services he offers is unmatched.  His one-on-one training with our compliance and audit staff was the most valuable and applicable we have ever received.  Tory was not only professional, but a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend Tuscan Club Consulting to any bank looking for personalized training and meaningful suggestions to enhance their compliance and audit programs.” 

Cara D. - Compliance Officer

"Tory is a very sharp compliance person with an attention to detail. He has a passion for compliance and is able to translate it to easily-understood and practical form for bankers to understand."

Chris B. - Compliance Officer

“Tory brings a wealth of information and solutions.  Two specific areas of expertise are Fair Lending and Community Reinvestment Act - expert resources for these areas are not easy to find.  Tory provides audit services, tools, and training presentations that are customized for the organization based on their policies and procedures.  When Tory finishes an audit engagement or training session, you will have the knowledge needed to remain compliant with these regulations.”

  Becky T. - Internal Auditor

“Tory is a great communicator. He puts people at ease working through questions, so as to arrive at the best solution.”

Stephanie J. - Internal Auditor